We created a list of the Best Food Processor 2021 to help you free up your kitchen work and make it easier
The best food processors can save you time and effort, change the way you cook, with the ability to cut, chop and mix a variety of foods and help you have better meals. Some food processors have a kneading function, so you'll be able to bake bread or pizza for your family. On the market today, such resourceful equipment is so diverse with a wide range of budgets and features to choose from, we are sure to have a food processor that is right for you.
You may be trying to decide between a blender and a food processor. Be aware that food processors are more likely to incorporate dry ingredients into their mixes while blenders are better suited for foods that contain a lot of liquid. So, if you're into smoothies, we recommend choosing a blender. However, if you want to create dishes that involve soups, doughs, and salad dressings, consider a food blender. In addition, there are many combo machines if you want to take full advantage of the functionality that you can find in this guide.
You can also opt for a food processor instead of one of the best blenders if you want a device with a larger capacity. They allow users to create chopped foods for salads and sandwiches by slicing more at once and working with subtle slicing movements. The food processor is difficult to clean due to some of its intricate details. That's why we always keep an eye on appliances that are not dishwasher safe and which ones are suitable for use in the dishwasher and how long they are warranted.

Best Food Processors

Cuisinart Custom 14™ 14 Cup Food Processor

The Cuisinart Custom 14™ 14 Cup Food Processor is one of the trendiest food processors on the market today.

Cuisinart Custom 14™ 14 Cup Food Processor

LWH: 11.00" x 7.90" x 14.80" UC Weight: 17.30lbs UC Cubic Feet: 1.00 UC LWH: 12.50" x 9.25" x 15.00" MC Quantity: 1 MC Weight: 18.50lbs MC Cubic Feet: 1.14 MC LWH: 13.00" x 9.75" x 15.63" 14 Cup Work Bowl with Handle 720-watt motor Work Bowl Cover with Extra Large Feed Tube Large Pusher and Sleeve Assembly Small Feed Tube and Pusher Stainless Steel Standard Slicing Disc (4mm) and Medium Shredding Disc Stainless Steel Chopping/Mixing Blade Detachable Disc Stem Spatula Instruction/Recipe Book Full 5-year Motor Warranty Limited 3-year Warranty on Entire Unit BPA Free

Work Bowl cover with extra large Feed Tube
Sleek, minimalist design
Powerful 720-watt motor
Versatile in use
Extra-large feed tube
Heavy weight
Can be difficult to clean
Cuisinart has a long history in the production of modern kitchen appliances. One of Cuisinart's best-selling products is the food processor. They are now so popular that when it comes to processing machines, people immediately think of the Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor. The aesthetic of the Cuisinart Custom 14 remains similar to previous models which is what most customers love. This Cuisinart Food Processor Custom 14 model scores very well and is reasonably priced. We purchased a Cuisinart Custom 14-cup Food Processor Black to send to our team of testers for them to experience the performance of this machine. You can shred potatoes, rice cauliflower, pureed beans, and more. with modern equipment from the prestigious Cuisinart brand. But first, read our review below about the Cuisinart 14-cup Food Processor Parts. The Cuisinart brand stands for quality kitchen appliances and the Food Processor Cuisinart is no exception. The Cuisinart Elemental Food Processor is equipped with a 720-watt motor, extra-large intake manifold, and precision stainless steel blades that help housewives chop, mix, slice, chop, knead and puree food. This is the best that people can buy with the criteria of durability and economy and it Cuisinart Custom 14 Cup Food Processor will meet more than the needs of the average cook. But if you're still pondering whether to buy Cuisinart Classic Series 14-cup Food Processor or pay for similar products from another brand, read on for our verdict.

Kitchenaid 9 Cup Food Processor KFP0918BM

Kitchenaid 9 Cup Food Processor KFP0918BM is one of the food processors with the best cutting ability

Kitchenaid 9 Cup Food Processor KFP0918BM

Base Material: Plastic Capacity: 9 Cup 3 Speeds: High, Low, Pulse Pusher 2-in-1 Feed tube type: Standard Power cord length: 3.0 Accessories included: Bowl Storage, Twist-Free Lid, Twist-Free Work Bowl, Multipurpose Blade, Reversible Slicing/ Shredding Disc

Blades and discs stored inside the bowl
Double-sided and labeled cutting discs for quick identification
Easy-to-assemble Click-in bowl and lid design
Design may not fit under all cabinets
To make our review complete and detailed, we bought the Kitchenaid KFP0918BM 9 Cup Food Processor Black Matte and tested it in the kitchen. In addition to learning about the Kitchenaid 9-cup Food Processor, we also tried making some dishes according to the Kitchenaid Food Processor Manual. We are very satisfied with its functions: chop, puree, mix, chop, mix and even knead. It makes your life easier: easy to use, clean, and store. You can process a wide variety of ingredients with precision thanks to the 3 speeds High, Low, and Pulse. You would think that operating these devices would seem complicated. However, the 9 Cup Food Processor Kitchenaid offers minimalism and simplicity with easy-to-press paddles and illuminated LED controls. Ingredients are handled in a 2-in-1 feeder located on the lid. The Kitchenaid Food Processor 9 Cup's small oil-injected ejector helps to emulsify sauces and dressings. The modern design combined with the Kitchenaid 9 Cup Food Processor Blades will surely both make your kitchen more modern and help you complete your kitchen chores quickly and easily.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor With Bowl Scraper, Black & Stainless 70730

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor with Bowl Scraper, Black & Stainless 70730 is a good choice if you require an electric kitchen helper.

Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor With Bowl Scraper, Black & Stainless 70730

10 cup capacity 2 speeds plus pulse Powerful 450-watt motor Chopping blade and slicing/shredding disc Large feed chute - fits a whole block of cheese to reduce precutting Dishwasher-safe bowl, lid & blades BPA-free in all food zones Dimensions (inches): 15.47 H x 10.25 W x 8.43 D

Built-in scraper attachment scrapes the sides of the bowl, eliminating the need to stop and remove the lid to scrape with a spatula.
Extra-wide feed tube
Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor with Bowl Scraper, Black & Stainless 70730 is one of the most potential and quality products of Hamilton Beach - the company that provides innovative solutions to improve everyday life. Hamilton Beach designs markets and distributes a multitude of small electrical home appliances such as blenders, slow cookers, coffee makers, food processors, breakfast sandwich makers, and more. Product quality, wide selection, superior customer service, and brand strength are the factors that bring them the trust of consumers.
Hamilton Beach is committed to helping make each customer's day easier, more creative, and full of flavor through each dish. If you're looking for a food processor that handles all the basics and is affordable, Hamilton Beach is a great choice. The Hamilton Beach Food Processor 10 Cup is a device that can help you process, slice, and puree food while minimizing cleanup.

Best Food Processors

How we test the food processors

The food processors listed in the Food Processor Reviews are tested by us based on multiple criteria, including:

• Power of blades, jars, and mixing bowls included

• Easy to use

• Processing speed

• Safety

• Conformity between product size and kitchen storage

• Noise level

• The finished result - especially the consistency of the ingredients processed

• Design and aesthetics

• Function

The important point to consider when choosing the Best Food Processor is what specific tasks you want the machine to do. Are you more interested in a food processor with functions like kneading and mixing or do you want something that is really suitable for slicing and slicing? We think even food processors that do all of the above will tend to be better suited for certain jobs than others. You should also consider how much of a technical challenge the food processing equipment you are willing to tackle during use. For general household machinery, the more functions there are, the more complicated it is to assemble and use it properly. Food processors are no exception.

Best Food Processors Reviews by TopFreeReviews.com

Your best budget Food Processor

Food processors typically get one to three-year manufacturer warranties. We don't recommend purchasing extended warranties as they usually cost more than any lifetime repair costs you may incur. A food processor will probably work well for about 7 to 10 years.

Your processor needs servicing in case it won't start. However, make sure that all parts of the food processor are installed and aligned correctly before you decide to repair or replace it. It is possible that the device has overheated if it stops working midway. What you should do is turn it off and wait at least 15 minutes before trying to use it again. You will have to repair or replace your food processor if it does not restart. When you are quoted a repair price that is more than half the replacement cost, we recommend purchasing a new device. In some simpler cases such as a faulty locking mechanism on the bowl, you can replace the part.

Also, to refresh the kitchen or take advantage of the latest features, many customers want a new generation food processor. With this need in mind, brands have produced new food processors that are easier to use and more intuitive: the filling line, handle and nozzle of the bowl and the feed tube are located at the front. Some modern full-size models even offer smaller cutters that fit the base. These details come in handy when you just need to mince a few cloves of garlic, cut a few seeds, or mash banana. In addition, users will find touchpads to be easy to press and keep clean instead of switches or dials. In some Best Rated Food Processors, the small parts may come in bowls or come with special storage boxes for attachments.