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Obesity has always been everyone's fear in today's modern life. So having an Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale in the house is absolutely essential.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale
  • Simple design
  • High bearing capacity, high precision
  • Above Average Price Range

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale - Everyone's Health Assistant

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs newly updated with features that provide instant adult and infant weight measurements and also calculate body fat, water volume, muscle mass, and bone measurements. Owning StepOn technology, users do not need to start the device and only need to operate on 3 touch buttons. 4 auto-illuminated icons on the screen represent body fat, hydration, muscle, and bone metrics. Integrated 440 lbs Ozeri Touch memory for up to 8 users with automatic recognition technology for common use in different locations such as home, work, gym, ... Health picture of each member of your family, each profile stores personal data such as weight, sex, height, and age. BIA is a popular bioelectric impedance analysis method today and is used to estimate body fat, water, muscle mass, and bone measurements. Ozeri Touch Total Body Scale has integrated this in-depth report and displays all results on the high-contrast LCD screen.
The four latest generation GX sensors help the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale record weights up to 440 lbs (200 kg) with extreme precision. You will easily weigh everything you want: babies, animals, luggage, parcels, ... and forget all the troubles you often encounter. In addition to auto-on, it also turns off automatically to save battery power. It works with 2 Lithium batteries. Structural with impact-resistant tempered glass, Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale withstands 4 times of normal glass. Its design is luxurious and modern.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale with different functions

What's remarkable about Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale?

All the features you need: Measures Weight, Fat, Muscle, Bone, and Hydration with Auto Recognition and Infant Tare Technology

Nowadays, we don't simply need a number. We need body-analytical metrics to gauge overall health, instead of wasting time going to the hospital and waiting in line.
Ozeri Touch 440 pounds The new Total Body Scale updates adult and infant weight measurements. StepOn technology allows it to automatically power on upon contact and has 4 touch-sensitive buttons for easy operation. 4 auto-illuminated icons on the screen will provide measurements of body fat, hydration, muscle, and bone.
One of the most useful features is built-in memory for up to 8 users with automatic recognition technology for shared use at home, office, or gym. Each profile stores weight, sex, height, and age data so that your family members can track their progress.

The design

One of the most notable tips when choosing a scale design is to choose a scale with a large surface to match the feet size of all family members, thereby saving more money for us.
The Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale measures 12.2 x 12.2 x 0.5 inches. This is the ideal size because it will suit most people without taking up too much space in your home.


According to the survey of human body weight, the appropriate threshold for using a scale is from 120kg to 190kg. To measure the weight of body and luggage, this scale is a choice that you should not ignore by 4 latest generation GX sensors that record weight up to 440 pounds (200 kg) with a high level of accuracy in rankings of products in the same category.
The Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale also eliminates all the stress in your life with its innovative Tare feature: weighing an infant or pet. Just step on the scale to record your weight, step out and turn it on again when carrying your infant or pet and the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale will accurately display both weights on separate sections of the LCD screen.

Number deviation

We have done many tests and conclude that the electronic scale has negligible deviation thanks to the chip technology inside.

The display screen

For electronic health balance screens on the market today there are two types of screens: LCD and LED. These are high-end monitors, so you can be completely assured when choosing either. However, I do suggest you choose the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale because we can easily see the parameters even in low light conditions. Its next big advantage is the large font size, suitable for the elderly. In addition, the simple and complete layout of parameters will help users easily track their fitness.

The surface

Currently, electronic scales usually have round and square surfaces. If you compare the area, the square surface is larger than the round surface.
In particular, the elegant reflective surface is made of high-quality impact-resistant tempered glass, which is 4 times stronger than normal glass.


A reputable product always has a brand name, quality guaranteed, and a good warranty. Therefore, the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale is one of the wise choices when you need a standard measuring device.

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale With High Contrast Bright LCD Screen

Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Total Body Bath Scale: Overall reviews

Ozeri is known for its modern home lifestyle products. Ozeri started by offering new home appliances to the hotel and resort markets. That is why these branded products are meticulously elaborated and bring a bit of the luxury direction of the super-luxury market they aim at. That means the products own extremely high quality and warranty.

At $32.99 (price at the publishing date) for a health scale, it's not that cheap, but given the value that the Ozeri Touch 440 lbs Scale brings, that money is absolutely worth it.