AT&T Unlimited Extra℠
View Deal From $35 /mo. per line (when you get 5 lines)
AT&T Unlimited Elite℠
View Deal From $45 /mo. per line (when you get 5 lines)
AT&T UNLIMITED EXTRA℠ - one of the most sought-after unlimited plans at the moment

AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ Cell Phone Plan

AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ Cell Phone Plan
  • Affordable Price
  • Unlimited Talk, Text And Data
  • 50GB of Premium Data included
  • 5G included
  • Advanced Mobile Security

AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ - Perfect Plan For Work Purposes

AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ features

AT&T has consistently maintained good data rates and extended reliable coverage for many years now. That's why AT&T ranks at the top of the list of the most popular wireless network providers in the country. Some people think that AT&T is like a ham and cheese sandwich — familiar, reliable, and indispensable.
For $75/month for a single-line subscription, AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ offers unlimited data plans, HD video, international perks, and 15GB mobile hotspot data. If you sign up for 5 lines, the price will drop sharply, nearly 50%, to only $35. You need to consult the price of AT&T Unlimited Extra℠ before paying because this is the price at the time of publishing. This plan has a high-speed data limit of 50GB. However, you will also rarely cross this threshold. Data at high speed is enough for you to use comfortably for 1 month, even for data-intensive uses such as watching movies, playing games,... With 15GB of Hotspot data per transmission per month, you are able to transmit mobile data to the people around you. Overall, this plan is highly appreciated by us. It is quite suitable for people with medium to high consumption needs. AT&T takes security to the next level with caller ID features, identity monitoring, and more. These are advanced features that only the top plan providers develop. Mexico & Canada are the 2 countries where AT&T allows unlimited talk, text, and data. This greatly facilitates when you are on a business trip or need to exchange information with partners in these two countries. If your friends are present in many different countries besides the above 2, don't worry, AT&T offers unlimited texting from the U.S. to 120+ countries. You will completely remove the burden of expensive international voice calling and texting charges.

Should I subscribe to AT&T Unlimited Extra℠?

AT&T has a pretty high average download speed. According to some recent statistics, AT&T covers about three-fifths of the country's surface. Most of the remaining uncovered area is rural California, Arizona, Nevada... You'll have solid coverage in more densely populated areas. We conducted a survey on AT&T users. Reports state that there is reliable 4G coverage up to 90% of the time with AT&T. In short, after testing the features we found this to be the right plan for most people because it offers a variety of essential services.