Chegg Tutors is noted for its comprehensive tutoring package and high-quality tutors, making it the top site among the best online tutoring services.

Chegg Study - Online Tutoring Service

Chegg Study - Online Tutoring Service
  • Experienced tutors
  • Multiple learning tools
  • Tutor availability 24/7

Chegg - An Ideal Way Of Learning Online

Chegg is a leading learning support service for students today. With a database of over 32 million Expert Q&As and Textbook Solutions, along with cheap textbook rentals, there's no better brand in the industry right now than Chegg. Chegg started as an affordable textbook rental company. During the development process, the company realized that some new needs of learners are strongly emerging so they, in turn, introduced other services such as renting books, homework assistance, and scholarship support... Renting textbooks will save a good amount of money throughout the school year. Chegg has a large team of tutors and is always ready to assist you with all of your questions. This company also has thousands of experts online 24/7 who are always willing to support students most enthusiastically. Chegg does not limit the search for solutions and limits the field of the question as well. You have a variety of professions from business, math, natural sciences, social sciences, history, economics… However, the maximum number of questions per month is 20 questions.

Chegg Study - Online Tutoring Service

Multiple choices of packages

One of the great advantages of Chegg is that users have a chance to gain access to the many tools that assist different styles of the learning journey.
It’s not just one-on-one instruction - through Chegg Study®, students who may not have the confidence to reach out for help can learn from videos' explanations of tough concepts. Practice is a new feature available on Chegg Study accounts. This feature supports students to review and consolidate knowledge learned with a series of multiple-choice questions of various subjects. Chegg® Math Solver can help with specific mathematics problems that students may get stuck on (the service also offers a snap-a-photo-and-send capacity). Chegg® Writing focuses on checking students’ assignments for plagiarism and grammar mistakes. Moreover, Chegg provides digital flashcards that can be used directly on the site and help them study for exams. For higher-level students, particularly those who are preparing to apply to colleges, there are a huge number of resources available other than just tutoring. Students can get help to get ready for standardized tests like the SATs, rent textbooks at a discounted price, and search for scholarships and internships. Although these services are not truly tutoring tools, they will support a student to build an impressive roster of achievements and experiences that will better pave the path and give them a brighter future.

Getting started easily

You can enter a subject that your child needs help within the search box, and specific questions they have, and then a tutor will contact you as soon as possible. On the other hand, you can search among tutors to find one you want to work with by browsing profiles, reading reviews of the tutors’ lessons, and evaluations. Students can select the way to interact with tutors by chat, audio, video, and a live whiteboard which the tutor and the student can use to communicate and tackle the problems. We have searched for more specific information about Chegg services, we found it quite obvious to determine the structure of this tutoring service. There is considered a clear delineation of services, you could opt for a specialized service, like Flashcards, Wring or Study, Math Solver, or you could simply send the math problem to a tutor for help.
In general, most students are satisfied with Chegg. Nonetheless, in the strictest sense of the word, provided lessons are not really as they would be. Chats between tutors and students are not considered long discussions and explanations. We suggest that Chegg would be a perfect choice for those who want customized lessons because this site does not follow a specialized curriculum.

New experiences with 3 different packages

Chegg Study® provides tremendous materials with 32 million Expert Q&As and Textbook Solutions. Guided video explanations are included in case you do not want to find a tutor and help immediately. The price of this package is normally $14.95/month.
Chegg® Math Solver allows you to receive detailed answers from steps and substeps for equations. You can see how to solve math problems from Algebra, Calculus, and Linear Algebra. Remember to check out the step-by-step explanations to understand the why and how for each part of the solution! The price of this package is normally $9.95/month at the publishing date. Chegg® Writing can help you handle plagiarism problems and grammar errors. This is normally $9.95/month at the publishing date.