August not only allow users to come and go at will but also keep track of who is going in and out of the house while they are away

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock
  • Keep up-to-date with what's happening at your door
  • Unlock recognizes when you arrive and unlocks the door
  • Control door locks near or far
  • Easily attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door
  • Get remote access right out of the box, no WiFi bridge required

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock - Make Your Home Safer And Smarter

Smaller smart lock design

August smart locks are growing in popularity for many good reasons. The easy-to-install retrofit design eliminates the need for users to replace their existing door latch. August Smart Lock is smart enough to work when combined with smart home settings for Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa. For easy installation, great apps, and smart home integration, we've given multiple generations of August the Editors' Choice Award. Slim August smart lock with a minimalist and modern design like never before. If you're looking to get your front door online, the August smart locks are well worth your money. I lived with it for a week after putting it on the back of my door and here's what you need to know.

In this August Smart Lock 4th Generation, August's unique retrofit design takes on its roots. The significant difference of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is the size: 45% smaller than its predecessors. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock has a diameter of 2.83 inches and a depth of only 1.81 inches. Placing a large block of metal inside your door is not an interior designer's dream although there has never been anything particularly bad about locks.

Based on the large battery and thumb latch housing mounted on the inside of our door, we found that nearly all smart locks require this aesthetic obstruction. Given the small size of this August model, we're pleased it's a lot less distracting. Another reason is probably that I'm used to seeing smart locks on doors by now, but also because the August Smart Lock Google Home is actually considerably smaller. In my opinion, a smart home should have devices that integrate with each other, and August's design is favored by us because it has improved a lot in that respect.

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock design team including renowned designer Yves Béhar made minor updates while keeping the original design intact. We noticed a slightly different ridge around the edges of the August Compatible Locks - designed to improve grip. I don't mind that and can't see a big difference either. To help you know if your door is locked, along the ledge is the cleverly designed and placed August logo. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock is powered by two CR123 batteries inside.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review By TopFreeReviews

How to install

As always, if you have 10 minutes and a screwdriver, installing August Smart Lock should be a breeze. There's a handy tutorial with animations to walk you through the process as you download the August app available on iOS or Android. Aside from removing the thumb latch on the inner side of the door, you won't need to do much to your physical door latch because it's retrofitted. Next, the user needs to insert the correct August plate and adapter for his or her lock. Finally, clip onto the Smart Lock with its two locking wings.

To tackle my standard smart lock tips, I'll spend some time here. Before you begin, make sure your door is closed tightly. You also need to make sure the locking pin moves freely and that there isn't any friction in the lock's mechanism. Keep your screws organized because what screw length is really important for smart locks. While you hold the screws, you must do your best to keep the cam bar in the center of the August backplate. It is important that you loosen and re-adjust the screws while keeping some pressure on the disc to hold it in place if you find it up or down too far. If everything is not lined up, you may have trouble fitting the necessary adapter. Making sure you have a good Wi-Fi connection not only shortens the installation process but also preserves the key's day-to-day performance.

The August system provides instructions in both the app and printed instructions in the box making it easy for users to follow. We rate it as the simplest smart lock installation available, and there's no surprise there. August also provides a helpful page that lists compatible models from most brands if you're concerned about compatibility with your current latch. August Door Sense not only allows users to come and go at will but also keeps track of who is going in and out of the house while they are away. It rises above other smart devices in the home and becomes one of the most important parts of a smart home. You can control a lock with a built-in Wi-Fi circuit or a Wi-Fi bridge from almost anywhere, as long as they're connected to your home router. The smart lock will provide activity logs so users can go back in time to see who entered or exited their home. We hope our August Smart Lock Generations Reviews are useful to you!