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Babbel - Best innovative language learning app with 14 languages available

Babbel Language Learning App

Babbel Language Learning App
  • Dialogue Trainer and Speech Recognition
  • 14 languages available
  • Customized courses based contructed by experts
  • Real-life situation dialogues

Babbel – Best Overall Language Learning App Of 2021

Researching for the best language learning app, we have come across multiple apps either those famous for a few years or those recently presented and we picked Babbel to be the best overall language learning app of 2021 based on our personal experience after a 6-day trial. Here is why:

Babbel certainly targets a wider range of learners

Unlike most of the competitors, Babbel offers 2 interfaces: website and mobile app. This means Babble is well invested and it aims at a wider range of learners: children who do not possess (or not allowed to use) any smartphone and seniors who are not used to using a smartphone for study, or even adult learners in hard conditions where they cannot afford to buy their own smartphone. By offering both app and website, Babbel really provides easier access to more learners with different backgrounds.

14 languages available

On the homepage, the first choice that we have to make is which language we desire to study with Babble. Besides the language of your current homepage, Babbel offers 14 more languages: the most popular European languages, Russian, Turkish, and Indonesian.

What you can benefit from the Babbel method

Experts’ customized courses based on personal requirements

From the first steps, you need to enter a variety of selections about age, linguistic background, and purposes of study so that Babbel can customize automatically a selection of courses suitable for your study. Babbel’s database of designed industry-leading courses is constructed by a team of 150+ experts which guarantees that you can learn what you need the way you want. In the content of these courses, not only can you find materials about morphology, vocabulary, grammar…., but you can also improve your cultural knowledge with a large number of real-life factors mentioned in the exercises and examples, which may enable learners to be more ready for real-life communication situation. Learners are welcomed to make their own choice to study the basics or focus on topics like travel, culture, or business.

The Review feature really makes the difference

Based on the proven methods of “spaced repetition”, Babbel’s review feature automatically reminds you when written materials are ready for you to practice. “Spaced repetition” emphasizes that studying and retention bring better results if you take time between learning new concepts and repeat them over time, which is usually known as a psychological concept of time intervals.

Babbel: beyond the limit of oneway interaction with Dialogue Trainer and Speech Recognition

Thanks to the advanced technologies, today not only do we “use” materials but the materials can also interact with us.

Imagine when there is nobody around to play the role of the partner in your dialogues or you can not find your professor to make comments on your pronunciation, what would you do? This is one major problem that keeps you from progressing in your study. Innovations have been made from Babbel to deal with the increasing demand of having not just a learning software but a partner to practice and enhance linguistic competence. Babbel’s Dialogue Trainer implements interactive dialogues on real-life topics to give you confidence in daily communicative situations in foreign languages, which will certainly provide the opportunity to impress other interlocutors and to completely transmit your intended messages. Moreover, in order to achieve a native-speaker-like accent, pronunciation definitely plays the most important role and this is why Speech Recognition was born. With speech recognition technology, you can get immediate feedback to boost your speaking skills and start communicating confidently and independently.

Does the price bring enough value in return?

Babbel definitely worth every penny, but it does have one disadvantage – the absence of the arising languages like Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Since Asia is in a rapid growth both in industry and tourism, the demand for studying these 3 languages is increasing faster and faster every day. In order to meet this demand, should Babbel consider adding these languages to its offers?