Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04

Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04

Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04
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Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04 - Most Innovative Air Purifier 2021

Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04 is the leading innovative air purifier that provides the solution to keep you healthy and refreshed daily.

What makes Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04 the most innovative and powerful air purifier ever

Real-time senses pollutants

A colorful-range chart of air quality in the frontal will show how this smart Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04 can detect and visualize the air level on PM 2.5, PM 10, VOC, and NO2. Based on this easy-looking report, you can immediately recognize the current air condition.

(Dyson Pure Cool™ Tower Fan TP04 shows Air Quality in real-time)

A fully-sealed HEPA activated carbon filters

This air purifier can remove up to 99.97% of microscopic allergens and pollutants, especially gases, smoke, the particulate matters which are as small as 0.3 microns.

Strong airflow delivering

Air Multiplier™ technology of this air purifier can generate over 77 gallons of air every second. You can make sure the whole room will be full of smooth and clean air as much as your mind needs.

Connecting to application and notifying automatically

Connection nowadays is much more simple with integrated applications. You can receive notifications and have a verdict due to real-time data of air quality, humidity, or temperature inside your house.

Up to 350-degree rotatable engine

The cooling air of Dyson Pure Cool TP04 can be projected to every corner of your room by a unique rotating design of Tower Fan.

More supportive than expected with night-time mode

The energy-saving mode at night can improve your sleeping quality a lot by dimming the unwanted display, very quiet settings. It’s a gentle fan and air purifier overall.

Smart design with voice control technology

The best air purifier of 2021 is designed to help you access it from a distance at its best convenience. Not only lazy people but also the old, the disabled or even children can take advantage of this modern feature. The voice recognition is so good that you can do multitasking while working or doing housework.

The most valuable and guaranteed Air Purifier on the market

A 2-year guarantee is the most reliable promise for the quality and the best service you can get. You will be covered for this well-known and durable product. This Dyson Pure Cool Tower Fan TP04 model comes at $569.99 at the time of publishing.

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