Hauslane Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood
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Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood will purify the air in your kitchen, allowing you to prepare food in a healthy environment

Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood

Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood
  • Keep your kitchen work area clean, safe, and healthy
  • Touch control panel with a digital screen
  • 3-way venting options
  • 6 speed settings
  • Quiet operation at lowest speed setting
  • Easy Auto Clean

Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood - Our Top Choice For Modern & Powerful Range Hood

Hauslane 30 ducted range hood - Powerful yet quiet

Hauslane 30 ducted under cabinet range hood is a line of Hauslane under cabinet hoods. It fits into many kitchen layouts and designs thanks to the 30-inch size and color of the range hood. After referring to many Hauslane range hood reviews, we decided to replace our old model with this brand. Because our old equipment is also a ducted type, the installation process is not too difficult. During use, we compared the performance of Hauslane's item with the old model to see if it can complete the task well. We test all features of this device such as the vent option, touch screen, digital clock, halogen lights, and more. We would like to make sure if it is worthy of the title of best ducted range hood under cabinet that people still talk about.

If you are using the Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood for the first time, you may have many questions. Questions come to mind one after another like "How does the Hauslane 30 ducted under cabinet range hood remove harmful factors such as smoke or odor?" or "Is installing Hauslane range hoods difficult?", etc. Right from the name, it suggests to us that the range hood is a ducted type and is installed just under the cabinet, above the stovetop. This is a great location because it can directly draw smoke and odor from where you are cooking. The main purpose of this type of appliance is to purify the air in the kitchen, returning the area to a fresh and healthy atmosphere.

The Hauslane UC-C400 range hood is a unit made of stainless steel like previous models of this brand. For an extra modern look, this device is designed with a prominent digital screen in the center, allowing for easy adjustments as you use it. The touch screen with buttonless design makes cleaning a lot easier because grease during cooking will not have a chance to stick to the buttons, affecting the function of the device. The Hauslane range hood set time is also made easier with the included watch. Overall, this unit is definitely a better looking model than the previous models we used.

HauslaneChef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood Review By TopFreeReviews

Next is the 3-way ventilation option this device offers. It can be easily ventilated through the top or directly to the rear. Another plus is that the ventilation tool comes with either 6” round or 10” x 3-1/4” round adapters, and this design is perfect for professional installation or DIY at home without any drywall modifications. A friend of ours, who helped us install the Hauslane 30 ducted under cabinet range hood, was impressed with its installation and performance. He said that he would replace his current old hood with this item. Also, this unit has 6 exhaust fan levels for you to adjust easily.However, we don't appreciate having to complete the entire cycle to select our desired exhaust fan speed setting.

On the bright side, we like the two halogen lamps this unit uses. They produce white light, not dazzling, but on the contrary, they make the kitchen space brighter and more cozy. This feature helps us to clearly see the food during cooking and brightens the area around the stove. As for noise, the Hauslane range hood is quite quiet, the highest setting is 65db so they do not affect the cooking process or your mood. Also, the Auto Clean feature of this device also helps us a lot. The machine is capable of self-cleaning its extractor motors by using the internal water supply. We think this is a must-have feature for a range hood as it can extend the life of the appliance's motor and serve you for as long as possible.

Hauslane|Chef Series C400 30-inch Under Cabinet Range Hood: Our conclusion

There are many types of range hoods out there and each has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the decor of your kitchen. We have been using the Hauslane 30 ducted under cabinet range hood for 11 months and continue to use them for the next 5 years. They are installed right under the cabinets, on the stovetop to remove smoke, odors, grease, and other unhealthy substances for a more efficient cooking process. Not only that, it is a beautiful model, which adds a modern and luxurious touch to any kitchen space. Its buttonless control panel is responsive, and you don't have to worry about cleaning the buttons anymore.

Unlike most other stainless steel hoods, this unit allows for ventilation both at the top and rear. As we said, the fan settings are pretty quiet and don't interfere with conversations between you and others while in the kitchen. For us, the Hauslane Chef Series C400 has always been our top choice for the best quiet under cabinet range hood. We also have some cons with this device, but they don't affect performance and are insignificant compared to the benefits it brings. Highly recommend you use this powerful and wonderful range hood and have a better experience.