With a sleek design, the Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks feels solid and the app is easy to use

Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks

Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks
  • Lock/unlock your door from anywhere
  • Amazon Alexa for voice activation
  • Advanced warning for battery replacement
  • 3-year electronic warranty
  • Limited lifetime mechanical and finish warranty

Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks - Best Smart Lock


Connectivity integration gives homeowners peace of mind from anywhere with the innovative Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Lattice. Built-in WiFi, without the need for a hub or accessory, allows users to connect directly to their home network. We used the Schlage Home app or the Key by Amazon app to remotely lock or unlock our doors and manage access for trusted guests. Schlage connects with safety, simplicity, and style and shows users that it has never been easier.

Encryption requires no additional adapters or adapters. So users can set up faster with built-in WiFi that connects directly to their home network. Users can take advantage of the ease of voice control when paired with an Alexa-enabled device and the flexibility of built-in alerts for up to 100 access codes. We tried using our smartphone and the Schlage Home app to unlock from anywhere and manage access, notifications, and more. We've seen clips of people entering or leaving the country for the day when paired with Key by Amazon, and Prime members can opt for home delivery if available.

Users can take advantage of easy voice control when paired with an Alexa-enabled device to receive enhanced alerts for battery replacement. Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt is the perfect choice for homes with Zigbee's built-in home automation alarm technology - detecting potential door attacks. By pairing with an Apple TV/iPad for a HomeKit-enabled smart home - if you're connected to your home WiFi network or the Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter, users can lock or unlock it anywhere. where ever.

Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks Reviews By TopFreeReviews

Easy installation

Installing the Schlage Wifi Door Lock is very simple. Schlage offers customers a nice feature: attach the locking face to the locking pin and we can free our hands to attach the back half of the lock without worrying about the front falling out. This is a small but clever feature that our testing team appreciated. We only needed a screwdriver and about 15 minutes to replace our entire door latch easily and quickly.

Schlage Encode Deadbolt requires power by four AA batteries located on the rear of the lock. The team at Schlage estimates that users will need to change the battery of the Schlage Be489wb-Cam Encode Wifi Enabled Electronic Keypad Deadbolt Locks every six months. This disadvantage makes the product's appeal slightly less than low-power options like Bluetooth. So, we somewhat understand why companies like August have kept the Wi-Fi module on a separate piece of hardware that plugs directly into the wall.

The Schlage Encode Home Depot is not the first smart lock with a wireless adapter built directly into the lock. The ability to maintain battery level will vary from person to person, and having a wireless built-in smart lock is the perfect solution in some cases, regardless of battery life. However, we will install this key and conduct a long-term test to see how accurate Schlage's six-month estimate really is. So we'll update this Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt review as soon as I have to change them.

Users will need the Schlage Home app for iOS or Android to pair your key with the Google Assistant. That's where it helps users create a Schlage account to connect the key to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Users can link that account in the Google Home app for Google Assistant integration after creating a Schlage Home account. The user can lock or check the status of the door via voice command using Schlage Coding with Google Assistant. The lock and status command worked fine in our testing although Google doesn't support voice unlock at this time. We added the lock to a routine, and when I said, "Hey Google, I'm leaving.", it quickly locked the door.

We linked our Schlage Home account in the Alexa app to connect the Schlage Encode to Alexa. You can also download the Key by Amazon app and enable the Key skill. following the Key route will prompt you to set up both the lock and the camera because it is optimized for use in the Amazon Key home delivery kit. You can ignore the camera option and accept the message that you won't be able to receive your goods at home if you don't want to set up Amazon Key or don't have Prime. However, we found this to be a bit of a workaround for anyone not interested in the full Key set.

We locked and unlocked our Schlage Encryption via voice with Alexa. In the Alexa app settings, we set the voice PIN. If you're using voice to unlock the door, it's absolutely essential. You can lock and unlock Schlage Encryption and track key history through the Key App and the Schlage Home app. The lock is a big improvement over Schlage Sense's 30 codes - comes with space for 100 user codes. We've put them in the Schlage Home app. We can see the history, lock, or unlock the door. We then turned on features like forced entry alerts and automatic re-unlocking.

As with the Schlage Home app and their respective apps, we tested the lock using both Google and Alexa voice commands. Applications will respond to the user quickly and update the lock status and notify the user that it is locked or unlocked and by what method. Results will likely vary depending on the strength of the Wi-Fi connection, and we did experience some lag with voice commands, but the lag I found wasn't enough to be an issue. Schlage Encode offers a simple smart lock setup and no hubs or adapters. With a sleek design, the Schlage Smart Lock Home Depot feels solid and the app is easy to use. It's important that you understand what you will or won't get smart features for, and know which voice assistant you intend to use. Schlage Encode is a beautiful and reliable choice if you are looking for a smart lock that connects directly to your Wi-Fi.