Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler
Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler is safe for dishwashers while many growers are not

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler
  • 18/8 stainless steel, BPA-free
  • Double-wall vacuum insulation
  • Leakproof + packable
  • Easy-to-carry handle
  • Steel-lined insulated lid

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler Reviews: Drinks Are Fresher Than Ever

Selection criteria

The countdown timer begins to end it before it gets too warm or too flat, or somehow otherwise from the moment a drink like beer, cider, or kombucha leaves the tap and enters the container. Controlling four key parameters: time, temperature, oxygen, and light is the way to judge Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler. We ranked Stanley 64 oz Growler by metrics with those notes in mind.

Beer or another beverage taken out from the grower must taste as good as when it was first drunk as the first and foremost criterion. Beer should not have a stale taste from oxygen or a metallic taste from by-products. When properly carbonated, beer is said to be at its best. That means the beer is almost as bubbly even days later as it was delivered by the best growlers. We appreciate Stanley 64 Oz that is easy to carry, open, empty, and close.

Beer doesn't always taste best with ice on, despite what the ads tell you. In fact, you'll find most beers taste best between 35 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler that is good at keeping beer cold will usually keep hot drinks hot, even though we don't check the ability to retain heat clearly. We are looking for growlers that are suitable for a variety of environments although we think most people use growlers for quick trips between their brewery and their fridges, like road trips, beaches, camping, hiking, and even cross-country flights. For this reason, we excluded anything glass or ceramic and considered only the double-walled, vacuum-insulated stainless growler.

In addition, Stanley 64 Oz Thermos has a number of perks that can make it great even if it's simple devices. For example, Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler is safe for dishwashers while many growers are not. We prefer growlers that have a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects but in general, you never seem to need the warranty. This type of warranty is common among the growlers we tested.

Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler Review By TopFreeReviews

Option worth trying

If you want a pitcher that doesn't have to be thrown away after one use or your favorite beer doesn't come in a can or bottle, Stanley Beer Growler is the best way to get that delicious taste. It is exceptional because of its clever design elements and its amazing ability to reliably keep beer or any other liquid cold and frothy. Extra-large cans aren't a silver bullet for bulk beer consumption, although you may find them refilled at breweries more popular than ever. Once you've opened them up, you can't close the crowds and they don't do anything to keep the beer cold, especially when you want to go hiking or go to the beach.

Since breweries have to account for the growing cost of aluminum, those cans also tend to be more expensive than refilling beer for the same amount of beer. Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler that can be poured out and then covered with a lid will keep the beer cold for days and help your beer last longer. And it is also a long-lasting, reusable alternative if you're worried about creating waste or you don't want to put a lot of bottles and cans in your recycling bin.

Stanley Easy Pour Growler can preserve any cold beverage well, from fizzy things like sparkling wine and kombucha to regular stale ice, although beer storage is its traditional use. In fact, just without the built-in cup, we found that Stanley Classic Easy-Pour Growler is also twice as cool because we only looked at insulated containers. This means coffee, hot drinks, cider, tea, etc. are also on the menu. Basically, you might like one of our picks if you're interested in Stanley Insulated Growler to get your drinks from one place to another while keeping them almost as cold, hot, or fizzy as when you set off.

Beer glass growlers are cheap and popular, and that's why they are often found collecting dust in garages. But we don't feature them in this guide because they have seals that are notoriously unreliable, often resulting in stale, damaged, and fragile beer and poor cold at keeping beer cold. That said, a glass growler is a very economical solution if you find that you don't need to keep your beer fresh for too long, you don't refill it often, or if you usually just take it home from the bar and drop it off in the fridge.