STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers
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We recommend STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers for its amazing storage capacity and convenience

STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers

STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers
  • Functional design makes a handy addition to a home or shop
  • Offer four storage solutions in one
  • Easily access to all of the storage areas
  • Made with durable structural construction for maximum stability
  • Easy to move
  • Hold both small and large parts, heavy items

STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers - An Incredible Cantilever Tool Organizer For Storing Everything

Notable features

Finding the right tool box can be a challenge if you don't know where to find it. There are some special features that the most useful tool box has while other models are not available. In our research and experience to find the most useful tool boxes 8 months ago, we found STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers as a superb candidate. This is a versatile tool box that can hold supplies for multi-purposes like car repair, carpentry, or tool kits for artists.

The STANLEY FATMAX Cantilever tool box suits the needs of most users, whether you're a home remodeler or a traveling artist. From crafters to amateurs, this toolbox is a must-have. This box can hold anything from screwdrivers to a power tool, or just what you need to get your job done. A colleague of ours gave this STANLEY FATMAX rolling tool box to her daughter for her birthday as a special gift. Her daughter loves to draw so she used this magic box to hold her drawing kit.

Instead of burdening yourself with carrying bulky boxes, you should choose STANLEY mobile tool box because it has convenient wheels and large storage space. The 4-in-1 design, including a tool box, part bin, portable tray, and larger lower bin, allows you to store a variety of items of different sizes. The cantilever multi-level rolling system also makes it easier than ever to find or organize items. If you are having trouble finding the most suitable tool box, consider the STANLEY FATMAX tool box first.

We love the incredible storage capacity of the STANLEY tool box and it outperforms many other cantilever designs. The manufacturer offers a durable foam construction with heavy-duty metal latches. If you are an electrician or mechanic, this could be your long companion. Additionally, the wheels are covered with a thick rubber coating to provide maximum stability as you pull it on difficult terrain. Last but not least, the design of this rich cantilever tool box promotes quick tool organization and storage. Its smart, simple layout helps you reach the tool quickly from any angle.

STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers Review By TopFreeReviews

How did we test this?

We collectively evaluated the storage capacity, overall quality and durability of the STANLEY FATMAX Cantilever tool box. We looked at both the tool box as a whole and each individual compartment. In addition to the rigorous tests, the many years of product testing experience of our members has greatly benefited our evaluation work. Each compartment and tray are specially designed to let the user know how to arrange the supplies properly. Overall, the STANLEY FATMAX 020800R 4-in-1 Mobile Work Station Organizers passed repeated tests and performed very well under the pressure we put them on.

We've also been using the STANLEY tool chest on wheels for 8 months and will continue for the next 5 years. We keep this box in the garages and use them around the house as needed. We put the tools we use often into the box and they are ready when we need to assemble furniture, hang pictures, and do other basic tasks. Our colleague said that her daughter often brings the tool box to places where she gets inspired to draw. She showed us a photo of her daughter taking a picture of her drawing with STANLEY's toolbox by her side. It was convenient! These practical tests help us learn more about the benefits and limitations of the tool box in each job.

STANLEY tool box come with 4 storage solutions in one with a slide opening option. The interesting part about this device is that it has a large bin at the bottom of the box that can hold many different items of a large size. We put power tools, drills, and bulky tools in this oversized bin. On the 2nd floor, a part bin with movable partitions allows us to store smaller items. At the top, there is a portable tray and a compartment with a lid for us to keep small tools and easy to access. The beautifully designed folding compartments and telescopic handle are adjustable for the best experience in different working locations. After several months of use, we did not have any trouble using or storing our tool kits.

And yet, we noticed that this type of STANLEY stackable tool box has a prominent V-shaped groove on the lid. At first we wondered what such a design meant, or if the manufacturer simply wanted it to look better. It's not that simple, a member of our team discovered the effect of the V-groove on the lid of the box when he fixed the pipe on it for cutting. We also tried with wood and it works well. If you find our review useful, don’t hesitate to invest in a great tool box or share with others!