Our TopFreeReviews team has spent almost a month finding the best drones under $200 that are suitable for both beginners and master
Welcome to our reviews of the world's best camera drone under 200 for 2021. You might be wondering if there are best camera drones under $200. You would like to own the best drone with cameras for beginners but don't know where to start. We will help you out. In this post, you will find our picks for the best drone for photography and video, aerial photography, video recording, and filmmaking, based on our tests' results. Our best picks come from reputable and trusted brands like Contixio, Vivitar, and SNAPTAIN.

The big difference in drone technology today is that most models are designed to work well over the long-distance, offer good video resolution, sharper images, and so on. Also, the fact is that camera drones are now getting smarter and more modern. Hence, even a novice can grasp the basic knowledge and skills to operate these devices. you can ask the seller or from an online reference to find a drone for beginners. Before flying a drone into the air to capture beautiful images and videos, you should check out the guide to drone usage rules to make better use of it. Rules may vary depending on size, features, etc.

We tested and evaluated dozens of models to make the list of the best drones for aerial photography. Be sure that our picks provide excellent results for both photos and videos. They are equipped with outstanding features to support stable photography and video shooting and are designed to withstand bumps in the air. We've included products to suit a variety of budgets, each with varying levels of smart control and technology. If you are looking to buy yourself the best drone for professional photography to record beautiful scenes while traveling àd filmmaking or just simply for entertainment, check out our review.

Best Drones Under $200

Contixo F30 4K UHD Drone for Adults with WiFi Camera GPS FPV Follow Me

Contixo F30 4K UHD Drone for Adults with WiFi Camera GPS FPV Follow Me with Extra Battery is one of the best drones under $200 on the market

Contixo F30 4K UHD Drone for Adults with WiFi Camera GPS FPV Follow Me

4K ultra high definition camera Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS Features: Follow Me, Plan Your Flight Waypoint, Intelligent Return Home, Point of Interest Mode, Adjustable Flying Speed, Altitude Hold & Optical Flow Foldable blades Compact design with the included carrying case Two batteries A 32GB micro SD card for extra storage Ultra High Definition camera Smooth 4K video at 16 frames per second, 2.7K video at 25 frames per second Foldable quadcopter arms & propeller blades Optical flow positioning Barometer and satellite systems A great return-to-home point function and the latest in precise landing technology Flight Weight: 8.64 ounces (245 grams) Product Size (Folded): 14.2cm × 7.5cm × 4.9cm (5.59 × 2.91 × 2.04 inches) Photo Resolution: 4K UHD (3840x2160) Video Modes: 3840x2160 @ 15fps, 2560x1440 @ 25fps Storage: Class 10 or better microSD card (Up to 32GB)/Smart Device Remote Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz Camera Wi-Fi Frequency: 5.0 GHz Video Transmission Range: Up to 1000 Feet (300 Meters) Control Range: Up to 2600 Feet (800 Meters) Flight Time: 16 Minutes x2 battery Charge Time: 150 Minutes Battery Capacity: 11.1Wh (1500mAh/7.4V); Type: Lithium-Polymer Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.80 x 2.80 x 1.80 Inches

4K Ultra High Definition Camera
Portable, Foldable & Lightweight
Endless fun with our App
Dual satellite connectivity using both GPS and GLONASS navigation systems, never lose a signal outdoors
Brushless Motor allows more quiet and longer flights
You are a big fan of the Contixo brand that is famous for producing popular drones. You might want to know which are the best and most popular Contixo drones for beginners. If you want to find a suitable device for you to capture beautiful images and videos, we recommend you Contixo F30 4K UHD Drone for Adults with WiFi Camera GPS FPV Follow Me with Extra Battery. This drone from Contixo is famous for its high quality and outstanding features like Follow Me, Plan Your Flight Waypoint, Intelligent Return Home, and more. We've put together some impressions of this Contixo F30 4K UHD Drone for Adults so you can decide if it's right for you.

When testing and using the Contixo drone, we carefully read the Contixo F30 manual to be able to control it easily. Contixo drones are quite reliable, you can buy them with confidence. Now, let's dive deeper into our Contixo drone review and learn more about this device.

Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro

Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter features a compact and foldable design, making this easy to take anywhere with you

Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro

The latest in drone engineering technology Simple and easy to fly Perfect for kids, adult beginners, and experts alike Great features: 1-Key Takeoff/Landing, Return To Home, Auto Return, Altitude Hold, Automatic Hovering, and Low-Voltage Return To Home 4 powerful engines Easy-to-control drone 1080P HD camera & WiFi Optical flow & Altitude hold Follow Me mode & Gesture Control One-key Take-off and Landing & Headless mode One key 360° rolling makes your drone flying even more dynamic Foldable drone design Perfect for traveling, camping, sports, and all sorts of adventures Color: White Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.25 x 2.75 x 1.50 Inches

Simple and easy to fly, you gain full control and can experience all of its features
Suitable for kids, adult beginners, and experts alike
Great features allow you to speed up, decrease and increase altitude and even stop immediately
1080P HD camera records wonderful moments from the air
Shoot high-quality images or videos
Perfect for traveling, camping, sports, etc.
There are an array of fantastic drones available for purchase, so it's vital to choose which is best for you and your intended usage. In preparation for our backpacking trips 6 months ago, our team also had a headache finding a suitable drone for us. We just wanted to buy a simple drone to capture the beautiful sights we passed so we didn't have to buy an expensive one. And luck was with us when we found and used Contixo F16 FPV Drone With Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter. We used and enjoyed it even though we are not professionals. So we wanted to write this review to save people the headache of choosing a drone.

Contixo F 16 FPV drone is suitable for a wide range of users, for kids, beginners, and professionals. From the price, size, features, and its ability to handle photos and videos, we checked them all before deciding to buy. We also read the Contixo F16 manual first to see if it was easy to control or not. We would like to make sure we were buying a drone that's right for our own needs. Many said that this device is the best drone for photography and video because it is manufactured by a reputable company and is equipped with features that a standard drone needs.

Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Wide Angle Video Drone

Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Wide Angle Video Drone allows for a smooth flight and shoots more professional aerial shots

Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Wide Angle Video Drone

A full HD articulating wide angle view camera WiFi-enabled live video feed Follow-me technology GPS tracking A range of 1000 feet 12-minute flight time Auto hover feature makes it easy to relax as you fly One key return feature Camera-equipped drone App control through WiFi HD articulating wide angle view Real time video Quadcopter design allows for smooth flying Includes remote control with phone stand Manufacturer Part Number: drc446 Color: Black, Red Manufacturer: Sakar International Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.00 x 16.25 x 6.00 Inches

Experience the gorgeous landscapes and stunning wildlife
Easily keep up with where exactly your drone all time
Auto hover feature makes it easy to relax as you fly
GPS location lock
App-activated follow me mode lets you get the perfect shot every time
HD articulating wide angle view
Offer smooth flying
Trying to find the most excellent video drone to buy right now? We have both good and negative news to share with you. It is in recent years that drones have grown beyond recognition by all. The negative news is that there are tons of models to choose from that finding the right one can be a bit like a minefield. This is exactly why we have compiled this Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Wide Angle Video Drone Review. We've experienced the product directly, and now we will share with you its pros and cons, instructions so that you can save time in choosing the right option for your goals.

Whether you're looking for your first GPS video drone or an upgrade from a cheap toy drone, the Vivitar Aeroview Quadcopter Video Drone could be the one for you. It has outstanding features like Follow Me, One Key Return, Auto Hover & One-key Take-off, etc. The Vivitar Aeroview drone has real-time GPS transmission that keeps it locked in position while filming from the air and capturing fantastic footage of all the activity below. And most of all, you always know where it is, avoiding the case of signal loss when outside.

SNAPTAIN A15H-720 Foldable 720P HD Camera Drone with Live Video 120° Wide-Angle

SNAPTAIN A15H-720 Foldable 720P HD Camera Drone with Live Video 120° Wide-Angle is one of the most successful SNAPTAIN drones

SNAPTAIN A15H-720 Foldable 720P HD Camera Drone with Live Video 120° Wide-Angle

Altitude Hold Mode 3D Flip button Gravity Sensor Mode 3D View Mode One Key Takeoff / Landing Perfect for beginners One Key Return Home function Headless mode makes this drone more suitable for kids and the beginners Speed Modes: 3 (Low/Medium/High) Snaptain Air app for Apple and Android: Voice Control, Gravity control, 3D-VR and Trajectory Flight, etc. 720P HD FPV Camera 120°Wide-angle camera WiFi real-time transmission FPV system Intelligent Voice Control Drone Drone for Beginner with various functions: One Key Take off / Landing, Altitude hold, Headless Modes, 3D Flips, 3D View Mode, Speed Modes, Gravity Sensor Mode, etc. Larger battery and further flight distance: 3.7V 1000mAh modular batteries Foldable Design for Carrying Video Recording Modes: 1280 x 720p Charging time: 90 mins Flying time: 7.5 mins Video Transmission Range: About 30 meters Operating range: About 90 meters Controller battery: 3x1.5V AAA batteries (Not included) The box includes: SNAPTAIN A15 Drone, Transmitter (AA batteries not included), two 3.7V 1000mAh Li-Po batteries, USB Charging Cable, 8 extra propellers, 4 Propeller Guards, Screwdriver, and User Manual Manufacturer Part Number: A15H Color: Gray Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.40 x 7.90 x 3.00 Inches

Good price
Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos
3D View Mode provides an amazing visual fidelity and outstanding 3D experience
Fantastic for experience for beginners and experts
720P HD FPV (First Person View) Camera
Adjustable 3 speed modes (low/med/high)
Snaptain Air app
Various outstanding features
SNAPTAIN A15H-720 Foldable 720P HD Camera Drone is one of the successful drones of the SNAPTAIN brand. In case you don't already know, SNAPTAIN is a pretty big brand in the drone market with some very successful models. In this review, we tested and evaluated the SNAPTAIN A15H-720 Foldable 720P HD Camera Drone With Live Video 120° Wide-Angle WiFi Quadcopter which is a powerful midsize foldable drone. This device offers 720P HD video quality with a 120º FOV (Field of View) lens. It is also WiFi connected allowing you to transfer images faster and clearer. The SNAPTAIN A15H is a great drone for beginners or even more experienced users. Another important thing is that it is also affordable and has good video quality.

Like other best SNAPTAIN drones, the A15H is a quadcopter drone with four propellers with protection and the camera is mounted on the drone. But before talking about its features, we want to share what we got when we unboxed the SNAPTAIN A15H? Inside the box, we found an A15H drone with 2 batteries, a transmitter, USB cable for charging, remote control, 8 propellers, 4 additional protectors, a screwdriver, and a manual. The controller of the SNAPTAIN A15H is also very good, it is comfortable and easy to use. Above the controller, we can place smartphones of any size and see what the drone is recording.

Best Drones Under $200 - Smart Device To Get The Most Beautiful Photos And Videos From The Air

What to look out for to get the best camera drone under 200

Are you new to the world of camera drones? Down below are some factors you should know to find the best drone for photography and video.


Well, everyone will start with the price. Depending on the budget and intended use, people can consult and choose one of the products we recommend. A drone for less than $200 like the Contixo F16 FPV Drone with Camera 1080P HD RC Quadcopter 6 Axis Gyro still has 1080P HD quality images that are not inferior to expensive products. If you are looking for a cheap drone to improve your flying skills, you can choose lower-cost models. It's easy to choose the best drone with camera for beginners because there are so many options available to you.


Drones always come with a dedicated remote but keep in mind that not all controllers are created equal. Depending on the type of drone, size, and function, the controller will be designed differently. You can see that they look like game controllers and can be controlled using standard WiFi or smartphone apps. Sometimes, they can be controlled by a combination of the two. Also, the controller will give you video feedback with a clear line of sight and first-person view goggles as vivid as if you were in the cockpit.


Like any camera, the resolution of the drone's camera is also extremely important. The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the photos and videos. For example, the SNAPTAIN drone we tested was foldable and delivers 720P HD picture quality with a 120° wide angle. What's more, this best drone for aerial photography is pretty easy to use, even a colleague's 12-year-old son can use it and the boy loves taking and viewing photos/videos with this compact device.

Best Drones Under $200 Reviews By TopFreeReviews


If you are finding the best drone for professional photography, don't forget to look out for this factor. GPS is very useful if you work as a professional videographer, photographer, or YouTuber. It will result in a more stable image and video quality, assist with take-offs and landings, and even reduce accidents. After reviewing many products, the best beginner drone with camera and GPS now also has a "return to home" feature that can automatically call them back if you get into an unexpected situation.


Battery capacity is important in drones. Higher capacity doesn't always mean longer flight times as the overall weight of the device also affects battery life. There are many good types of batteries for this device, for example, the lithium-ion battery that can power most of the best drones runs for 15 to 25 minutes per charge, some small and mid-sized ones have can fly up to 30 minutes. However, you should ask and buy extra backup batteries to extend the flight time.

How we experienced the best drones

Of course, camera quality is the main focus when we evaluate to find the best camera drone under 200. But we also checked their flight performance to see how easy they were to operate. We tested their in-air stability, responsiveness, and top speed, too. In addition, we evaluated the obstacle avoidance of these models - this is especially important if you want a drone to automatically track and track subjects. After testing the camera quality, we moved on to check the drone's battery life based on some real-world flights.

After taking off the drones for video, we conducted an image quality assessment. We look at the detail, frame sharpness, and noise handling of the drone in a variety of conditions. And other characteristics such as drone design, features, and value also help us to make the ultimate and best choices for drones.