Kobo eReaders have many different versions and types to meet the practical needs of readers as well as the price segment.

Kobo eReader

Kobo eReader
  • Compact design
  • Long battery life
  • Affordable price

Kobo eReader - More Than Just A Device

It is so great to visit the public library without leaving home. If you're new to eReaders and simply want a device that allows you to read electronically, the Kobo eReader is the best option. Kobo is one of the largest and most popular e-book reader branches that provides the best reading experience for users. It has no sound as reading, it's easy to use, affordable, and it gets the job done well.
The Kobo reader is a compact and light device that is packaged in a stylish plastic casing when purchasing. The Kobo is slightly smaller than other eReaders from Barnes, Amazon, and Noble and offers customers a long battery life and a lower price. Glare-free touchscreen, lightweight with memory for thousands of books, the perfect comfortlight with an adjustable front light that appeals to customers to try this product.
Kobo is an e-reader developed by Toronto-based Kobo Inc. The original version was launched in 2010 and was marketed as a minimal alternative to the expensive e-book readers at the time. Like other e-readers, Kobo designed an electronic ink screen in which you can use the scrubber to move to any position in your book easily and it is easy to select your favorite fonts and sizes as well as your preferred alignment, margins, and line spacing.

Kobo eReader enhances your love for reading

A perfect reading experience awaits

Available to read

Unlike smartphones or tablets, Kobo eReader has glare-free touch screens so you can read it under the bright sunlight, just like a print paper.

Built-in comfort light

It is easy to adjust the brightness to reduce eye strain and blue light with Comfort Light.

Leave your charger behind

You can take your foot up to have a good read without worrying about losing power. Surprisingly, Kobo has enough battery to last for weeks.

Easily customize and navigate books

Kobo allows you to adjust size, font, look up words, make highlights and so on. Moreover, easily navigate your books without losing your current reading page.

High capacity

Kobo's light and portable digital devices are equipped with 8GB or more of storage, so they can hold up to 6,000 eBooks. You can add highlights, bookmarks, and notes to your eBooks and access them all directly from your reading menu.

Kobo eReaders are equipped with large storage for thousands of books

Kobo eReaders enhances your love for books

Kobo is invented with eye-catching shapes, modern technology, and optimized user benefits. So when trying Kobo, you would see that it’s not as boring as you thought and it will reach your satisfaction like our experience.
In case you run into a story on the web and you'd like to read it later, just save it to your free Pocket account, then sync your digital device to enjoy it.
The Kobo reader has made our reading easier than ever, eliminating a lot of reasons why we procrastinate. Because it's an e-book so it’s never been out of stock. You don't have to go to the bookstore or wait a few days to ship the book over. The book is always available waiting for you to download and read it.