The development of language learning software today creates favorable conditions for everyone
Currently, people's need to learn foreign languages is increasing and more and more foreign language learning applications appear. Today's foreign language self-study software is too diverse. They can be presented on a variety of platforms such as websites, online applications, or offline tools. However, because there are too many choices on the market, users must think and learn before deciding to use them.
To address those concerns, our team has analyzed and consulted with hundreds of foreign language learning software on the market. Most of these applications have beautiful and user-friendly interfaces. Their content covers many familiar topics, revolving around everyday life. Learners will be perfecting all 4 skills simultaneously: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. However, listening and learning vocabulary is still a feature that is more appreciated by application developers. Most of the apps surveyed cover the basics and are suitable for beginners. In addition, it also provides exercises to consolidate learned knowledge and tests after each lesson.
Based on the analysis results, this article will show you the review of Best Language Learning Apps and Best Language Learning Software today.

Best Language Learning Apps

Babbel Language Learning App

Babbel - Best innovative language learning app with 14 languages available

Babbel Language Learning App

14 languages available Customized courses based contructed by experts Real-life situation dialogues Dialogue Trainer and Speech Recognition

Dialogue Trainer and Speech Recognition
14 languages available
Customized courses based contructed by experts
Real-life situation dialogues
Researching for the best language learning app, we have come across multiple apps either those famous for a few years or those recently presented and we picked Babbel to be the best overall language learning app of 2021 based on our personal experience after a 6-day trial.
Unlike most of the competitors, Babbel offers 2 interfaces: website and mobile app. This means Babble is well invested and it aims at a wider range of learners: children who do not possess (or not allowed to use) any smartphone and seniors who are not used to using a smartphone for study, or even adult learners in hard conditions where they cannot afford to buy their own smartphone. By offering both app and website, Babbel really provides easier access to more learners with different backgrounds. With 14 languages available, Babbel really targets an enormous number of language learners, these languages include the most popular European languages, Russian, Turkish, and Indonesian.
From customized courses constructed by experts to real-life dialogues, from the Review feature to the Speech Recognition, Babbel is proved to be well invested and heading to the 4.0 self-learning method.

FluentU Language Learning App

FluentU - well known as a popular video platform for language learning that has been around for several years.

FluentU Language Learning App

Audio lessons Flashcards Built-in dictionary Lesson goals or streaks Downloadable PDF transcripts Video dictionary Multiple video examples Spaced repetition to help students remember Create different language classes for the group 10 Languages available 10000+ videos

Simple interface
Downloadable for offline listening
Abundant learning resources
FluentU considers learning a foreign language to be one of the most rewarding but also the most challenging things they've ever done. They acknowledge the importance of traditional tools such as textbooks. However, they find it best to learn through rich and engaging experiences. When words are reinforced by experiences that move you, it's easy to remember them. They also believe that learners don't give up before they master it through early exposure to engaging content.
FluentU and the team are working hard to create a website that can provide a rich experience with the right tools to transform language learning into an activity that everyone enjoys. FluentU promises to bring you exciting language experiences with technology by a team of language enthusiasts distributed around the world.

Duolingo Language Learning App

Of all the free language learning sites available, Duolingo is the easiest to use. Duolingo makes learning a new language much more fun.

Duolingo Language Learning App

300+ million learners 35+ languages Organized / Progressive lessons option to strengthen skills Immediate sentence building Goal setting Targets multiple skills

Easy to use
Combination of images, sounds, and text
Simple and friendly interface
Email reminder
Abundant learning resources
Can be re-learned many times
The slogan of the Duolingo app: "learn a foreign language for free in just 5 minutes a day" impresses you? Are you curious if you can be good at a foreign language in just 5 minutes a day? If you want to know objectively and honestly about the effectiveness of Duolingo then this article is for you!
Duolingo has turned boring foreign language knowledge in textbooks into a game. Indeed, the language learning methods in the Duolingo app are great for all ages, but you'll need to spend more time with Duolingo to see progress. We think 2-4 hours is a more reasonable amount of time to speak a foreign language fluently than 5 minutes a day. Learning a new language is simple and fun with an interactive and user-friendly website. Duolingo uses the device's microphone and speakers that the user uses to teach speaking and understanding, in addition to text. Here is a detailed review of Duolingo.

Best Language Learning Apps Review: Features Required In An App

How to choose your suitable language learning app

We were looking for apps that combine unique features with proven teaching methods when we searched for the best language learning apps 2021. The founders made countless apps available. to help learners become fluent in a new language.

An app must offer something new to stand out. Whether it's teaching methods, interactive features, or a unique approach, all the software on our list does it. Unique approach, teaching method, features, price, and app rating are factors we considered when choosing the Best Language Learning Apps For Speaking.

It can be difficult to know which one is right for you out of all the language learning apps currently on the market. After all, the last thing learners want is to pay for a subscription to dozens of different apps on their search.

Best Language Learning Softwares by TopFreeReviews

First, because each app is available in a limited number of languages, decide in advance which language you want to learn. Some popular languages ​​may be available on any app such as Spanish, French, and German, but other less common languages ​​may be harder to find. You will narrow down the application so you know what language you want to learn.

While others use more unique methods for alternative learners, Some language learning apps adopt more traditional teaching methods so it is important to consider how you learn best. Do you learn best by reading words on the screen or listening to your teacher explain a concept? There are people who simply hear the real-world usage of a language and pick it up as they move. In a nutshell, each app will be Best Language Learning Apps suited to certain learning styles.

Finally, you need to consider your ultimate goal with your language learning. You may have more apps to choose from if you enjoy learning languages ​​and don't anticipate using them in the real world. However, if learners intend to use what they learn in real-life situations such as travel or interacting with native speakers, we always recommend that they focus on an app that serves that purpose.

Our advice

Whether you want a new learning method or a new language approach is easy in this age of science and technology. You can learn anything you like in an exciting and fun way with just a device with an internet connection. And learning a new language is no exception. You can completely improve your ability to communicate in many different languages ​​right at home or anywhere you want through websites and foreign language learning apps if you don't want to go to class or center.

Each foreign language learning application will be equipped with different technologies and outstanding points. As a smart learner, you should experience and refer to the Best App To Learn A New Language that you find interesting. Finally, choose and stick to it. We believe that your ability to communicate in foreign languages ​​will be significantly improved.



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