Amazon Echo (4th Gen) With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa is one of the most sought-after speakers by music lovers

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) | With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) | With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa
  • Expansive bass
  • Lots of smart features
  • Classy build and finish
  • Advanced Audio Distribution Profile
  • Slightly underwhelming treble
  • Not fully omnidirectional

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) | With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa - Speakers For Music Lovers

How we tested


Amazon Echo (4th Generation) is equipped with a brand new silicon module built for accelerating machine learning applications - processing Amazon's AZ1 Neural Edge. Powerful inference engines can run 'on the fly' on-device with AZ1, starting with an all-neural speech recognition model that will process requests faster and make Alexa even more responsive faster, 'learn' and understand more about you.

Users can turn off the Echo (4th Generation) Review's mic whenever they want as long as the concept doesn't scare them off completely. The user's preference between Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa will likely be compatible with other products in the home. There's not much in it for us and the service here is greatly improved by an impressive range of third-party services, including BBC, The Guardian, and Pointless smarts in the UK.

It was easy to get the Echo (4th Generation Premium Sound) up and running with a smartphone, and we had to turn on Bluetooth and wi-fi. Once we have linked our streaming service accounts, it will play music from Apple Music, Spotify, or Deezer over wi-fi. Even if we don't associate any music provider subscriptions, the Amazon Echo (4th Generation) plays from Amazon Music by default, and we always have a TuneIn station.

The setup was done by us using the well-designed and intuitive Amazon Alexa app. On the app, we can change the Amazon Echo Speaker’s EQ level, name and assign it to a room in our house, or group it with other compatible Alexa speakers. For example, we created a group "downstairs" and said, "Alexa, play music downstairs". Instantly our new multi-room Alexa smart setup followed.

We can make Alexa announce that 'Dinner is ready' to everyone speaking in the house thanks to its intercom feature, or send music to a specific room as a message. The 'Devices' tab followed by the 'Plus' icon is capable of setting up most of these scenarios, and although we found Alexa the most attentive during testing. If the user prefers clicking rather than emitting their tune request, they can simply tap play in the app 'icon' and use their phone to download the music.

Amazon Echo (4th Gen) With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa Speaker Review by TopFreeReviews



A member of our test team asked Alexa to play an '80s Spotify playlist, and in Livin' On A Prayer, Jon Bon Jovi's vocals take center stage along with an amazingly expansive bass. course. We heard Richie Sambora's electric guitar. These tunes are much clearer and more impactful through the new Echo (4th Generation Premium Sound) than on the older model.

His playlist continues to Queen's Don't Stop Me Now and we're treated to a well-timed performance across frequencies. The Echo (4th Generation) Review (4th Generation Premium Sound) isn't afraid of lows either - one of our favorites with the older Amazon Echo (4th Generation) is that the bass is sometimes soft and indistinct, and perhaps Amazon has addressed this.

Another member turned on Outnumbered by Dermot Kennedy on Apple Music. Textured vocals go through the center, with powerful yet agile bass. Then the new Echo (4th Generation Premium Sound) shows off a cover of Disturbed's The Sound Of Silence with a sound that's weighty and wide enough through its size-appropriate bass. However, the Amazon Echo (4th Generation) lacked the nuance and we found ourselves having to turn up the volume to achieve it.

We are pleased with the experiences Amazon Echo (4th Gen) brings

Amazon's first smart speaker - Amazon Echo (4th Generation) | With Premium Sound, Smart Home Hub, And Alexa - is back with a whole new look, an integrated Zigbee smart hub, and more potential under its new 100% recycled hood. We don't have to have a particularly keen eye to realize that Amazon has started all over again for this fourth-generation Amazon Echo Speakers.

The cylindrical design of the older models has changed to the Magic 8-Ball-Esque sphere and perhaps fittingly users can ask it any question they want as long as it is plugged into a power source and linked. with wi-fi. Amazon is porting the once-exclusive flagship features of the Echo Plus to the overhauled Echo (4th Generation Premium Sound): more audio power and a built-in smart home hub. We find that this new fourth-generation Amazon Echo Speakers essentially negates the Plus model in that it offers the ability to control Zigbee devices, promises better sound than its predecessor, and of course, offers more nuanced Alexa voice support. For now, the Echo (4th Generation Premium Sound) is a better proposition on paper than what users would get from another smart speaker at a comparable price.

Amazon Echo (4th Generation) measures 13cm high, 14cm wide, and nearly spherical making it nearly as tall and wide as a CD. The base of the Amazon Echo Speakers has been split to create a flat surface that prevents the device from rolling. Users have 3 choices: black, dark blue, or white, but either color we find it very suitable to place anywhere in your home space without worrying about it ruining the design or the main color tone.