EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell
This simple but affordable wired EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell performed well for us

EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell

EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell
  • High-quality and sharp video
  • Keep an eye on what's happening at your front door right through your phone
  • EZVIZ App let you capture, save, protect, and share what's valuable to you
  • AI algorithm onboard
  • Compatible with EZVIZ App, Alexa, Windows PC
  • Work reliably in all weather conditions, including rain, sleet, or snow
  • Requires wired installation

EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell: Lots of Smart Features for the Affordable Price

The DB1C video doorbell is a sleek white device engineered with a large call button on the bottom and a camera lens on top. It contains a small yet conspicuous green LED that works well at night to capture your attention. Like all video doorbells out there, the EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell allows you to have a two-way talk when someone rings the bell. It lets you see and receive an income video call through your phone, and of course, the visitors cannot see you. The EZVIZ wifi video doorbell is equipped with 1080p HD video, which provides rich precision and sharp, lively images when someone approaches your door. This tool, which uses an AI algorithm to identify a person's movement, ensures that you receive messages when individuals pass by. With this EZVIZ DB1C smart video doorbell with AI human detection, you are able to keep an eye on what's happening in front of your doorstep, bringing you peace of mind every day.

How we experienced

The doorbell camera is simple to install, but like any wired video doorbell, the DB1C requires using electrical wires for installation. You can browse the EZVIZ app to learn the EZVIZ DB1C installation manual or find someone who is a pro if you are not comfortable and smart doing so.

We turned off the breaker that powers my doorbell and then removed the old doorbell. We started installing by attaching the two wires to the DB1C device, mounted it on the frame of our front door, and then turned on the power. The button on the video doorbell started blinking blue, and a voice prompt notified us to download the EZVIZ App and set it up with the smart app. We selected our Wifi account and typed in our password. Within 20 seconds, the EZVIZ doorbell camera was linked to our network and Alexa recognized it. We gave the doorbell a name, updated the firmware, tapped Next, and followed the app's instructions, and finally finished the installation.

EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell Review by TopFreeReviews

The DB1C doorbell passed all of our tests. During the day, it produced vibrant, vivid Ultra HD footage, while at night, it produced clear black-and-white video. The human person detecting feature was excellent. We received motion notifications almost instantaneously, and plus, two-way communication was clear and devoid of distortion. The $99.99 price tag at the time of publication demonstrates that you don't have to pay a lot to possess a video doorbell with a lot of smart capabilities. During the testing, it gave us outstanding high-resolution video and accurate human detection. With a 170-degree vertical view function, we could also see everything in front of the door. What's more, the EZVIZ wifi video doorbell comes with a microSD card slot for storing video locally and supports dual-band Wifi. As such, we think that the EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell is the winner for affordable and smart doorbell cameras.

Should you go with the EZVIZ DB1C doorbell camera?

In conclusion, the EZVIZ doorbell camera is well worth investigating, particularly if you want one with local storage. It works effectively in rain or snow, accurately detects people approaching the door, and does not throw up many false alarms. From our EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell review, you can see that this device excels in many aspects, from video quality, AI technology, to its storage. Also, there are many EZVIZ doorbell camera reviews available on the internet that recommend and praise this appliance for its excellent performance. You can enjoy high-quality videos, images, chat with visitors from wherever you are and keep an eye on what's going on at your front doorstep with the EZVIZ DB1C 1080p AI Powered Video Doorbell.