The FLEX Cup impresses customers with 100% medical-grade silicone menstrual cups which help women get through periods more comfortably.

FLEX Menstrual Cup

FLEX Menstrual Cup
  • Holds more blood than pads or tampons

FLEX Cup - Impressive menstrual cup for women

The FLEX Cup impresses customers with 100% medical grade silicone and sustainability.

The FLEX Cup is a kind of reusable menstrual cup and sits inside the vaginal canal similar to a tampon. Instead of absorbing menstrual fluid, it collects which keeps the vagina's pH balanced and natural lubrication in tip-top shape. It’s also made of 100% medical-grade silicone making it much more comfortable and convenient to wear.
It's known as one of the menstrual cups in the world which can be removed like a tampon thanks to a patented pull-tab, which makes it the easiest cup for both beginners and old users. It is fine to wear it for up to 12 hours. This means more time to ourselves and less time worrying about leaks and changing tampons. Go to schools, swim, sleep, work out and do all the stuff without worries. It lasts for several years, saving you money and makes life meaningful.

FLEX Cup with the Release Ring

What makes the FLEX Cup stand out?

All-day wear

Keeps you safe from leaks for up to 12 hours so that you can spend your long day hanging out, sleeping in, or doing whatever you want.


This is a 100% reusable product and lasts for many years. Similarly, it creates zero waste and saves you a lot of money.

How to insert a FLEX cup into your “comfort zone”?

Inserting a cup is relatively easy like using a tampon. Just follow these steps to use a cup:
Wash your hands as well as the Flex cup for 20 seconds.
Create a V shape just by pushing the sides of the cup together, fold it again and that’s it.
Another way is to put a finger on the rim and then press it down making the top a little bit smaller for insertion.

Relax your vaginal muscles in a comfortable position, insert the Flex Cup into the vagina, sliding it up and back toward the tailbone.
Make sure the cup has completely opened by inserting a finger into the vagina and slightly pressing on the vaginal wall.
You can swim, exercise, and sleep while wearing a Flex Cup. Its capacity is similar to three super tampons of fluid that make you feel comfortable for up to 12 hours.
Finally, pull the Release Ring to break the seal and get rid of it. The Release Ring pulls the cup’s top to break the seal and help prevent spillage during the process.
Before reusing, remove the ReleaseRing and clean up the cup for 20 seconds with warm water.

How to use FLEX menstrual cup