Best eco-friendly menstrual cup

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Saalt Menstrual Cup
  • Bulb shape for double seal

Saalt Cup - Super Sustainable Menstrual Cup

Incredibly, reusable options that are befinicial for our body and planet are becoming widespread in our world today where disposable products are still a norm. One of the most popular items is the menstrual cup. Once you decide to use a menstrual cup during your period, you should carefully get information about the brands because it can impact on your health.
Saalt cups - a reusable item, toxins are kept out of customer’s bodies by a high-quality supply chain.
The Saalt Cup was launched in 2018 and was made in the USA. This product was approved by FDA and quickly rose to the top of the popular menstrual cup list on the market.
Saalt is easily found in major chain stores in the United States, or at any local pharmacy or health store in the world. It is designed in the funnel shape, made of 100% medical-grade silicone, which is flexible and durable. Thanks to its silicone material, it can be reused for times to limit littering into the environment and the good durability allows it to be used for a long time to save money for women in the period.
When your cup is filled with fluid, you just remove, rinse, and reinsert it for up to 12 hours of protection. That is much better for your body than pads which require frequently changing every 4 to 8 hours.

Saalt Menstrual Cup Size Regular

Natural and Safe

Made in the USA with 100% medical-grade silicone, the Saalt Cup is an affordable period product. The chemical-free formula hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and BPA and latex-free. Unsimilar to tampons, it preserves the balance of pH and will never dry you out, or cause micro-tearing, risks of infection, and TSS.


Saalt Cup allows you to continually wear for 12 hours all day long, even while you are sleeping, running, or swimming. This small cup collects as many as 3-4 tampons and never lets dry you out so you can have a worry-free period.

Saalt Cup Quick Instruction

- Fold the cup with clean hands.
- Insert the cup toward the tailbone
- Let it open and rotate it gently, creating a light seal.

Saalt Menstrual Cup 3 Sizes