Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera works with two different apps, Google Home and Nest

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera
  • Receive alerts when there's motion or sound in your home while you are away
  • Constantly watches for you with night vision, offering nighttime security
  • Streams 1080p HD video to your phone, tablet, or laptop
  • Easy setup: plug it in and download the app
  • View the whole room or zoom in for a close-up
  • Talk & Listen lets you hear when your baby wakes and lets you tell your dog to get off the couch

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera - Smart Camera Integrated With Modern Features

Our usage experience

The Google Nest Cam Indoor is becoming more and more popular thanks to its excellent alarm capabilities, two-way communication, and video quality. While it's more expensive than our top two picks combined, we still think it's an ideal camera for existing Nest users or those who want a camera that can capture the action. 24/7 cloud — an option with the Nest Aware service. Users can set up the Nest Cam Indoor to record only when triggered by motion just like our other picks. However, the unique ability of the Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera is to record everything 24/7 to the cloud - where it remains accessible and this sets it apart. Users can always view recorded content even if someone pulls the cord, loses power, or steals the camera or memory card. Read on to our Nest Indoor Camera Review for more details on the expansion packs.

Users will get a 30-day trial of event-based video recording, which can be triggered by general motion, people, or sound, with the purchase of the Google Indoor Security Camera System. Then, to store event-based video recordings in the cloud for 30 days, users pay $6 per month or $60 per year for Nest Aware at the time of publishing. Nest Aware Plus will increase that video history to 60 days and add 10 days of 24/7 video history when paying $12 per month or $120 per year. Users will never miss a minute of action or a minute of no action at all thanks to this special feature. Most of the cameras we chose to do our tests with offer some kind of free recording even with limited or local storage. However, you will only have access to live video and get no storage without subscribing to Nest Aware. Users can only see a still image of the action within a three-hour window, although the camera still sends them motion alerts.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera Reviews By TopFreeReviews

Users will get more accurate people, sounds, and even motion alerts with Nest Aware. During testing, we weren't bothered by annoying warnings related to car lights or moths like some other cameras are. In fact, during testing for several weeks, our test team never encountered a false alarm. However, you need to be aware that 24/7 cloud uploading requires a bit of internet bandwidth. In our case, to upload 1080p video to the cloud, a single camera requires 1.2 Mbps. That can be a concern if your web provider has data limits. Additionally, if users have multiple Nest cameras, it can slow down Netflix streaming, gaming, and other devices on their network. The Google Best Indoor Home Security Camera automatically adjusts the quality of the uploaded video based on the user's connection. However, users should be aware that low-quality video may not achieve the purpose of having a Nest Cam in the home and is a waste of a Nest Aware subscription.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera works with two different apps, Google Home and Nest. We actually prefer the Nest app because it offers a live view at launch. We clicked on the window to access the live view as well as the events with animated thumbnails. We need to navigate to the camera to bring up the live view in the Google Home app. We tapped the menu on the right saying there are three dots and hit Full History to access the video clip. Both of these apps allow users to filter events to see only those that interest the user, such as those triggered by a stranger. And while it doesn't work with HomeKit, users can still view the camera from various smart displays because the Google Best Indoor Surveillance Camera integrates with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Resolution and storage are important

If you can't make out who or what the camera is looking at, having an outdoor security camera won't help. 1080p video offers more detail, although a camera that records video at 720p will usually provide a fairly sharp image. So the most common resolution for these devices is 1080p. Best Security Cameras doesn't require a lot of storage space and is viewable on most tablets, phones, and PCs. Users will need a very strong network connection to play 4K (Ultra HD) videos without stuttering or lag. This can be costly for cloud storage because we need a lot of space to store recorded video.

You should try to choose a camera with a relatively wide field of view and make sure that the camera can record clear video at night regardless of the resolution. Some cameras use white light to provide full-color night video while the majority of cameras use IR LEDs aka infrared to provide black and white night video. We recommend looking for a camera with at least 30 feet of night vision.

When the activity is in progress, the sensor will initiate a push alert to the user's phone and another will generate an email alert as well. You can refer to a camera with sound detection that can tell the user if someone is out there for an extra layer of security. This helps you to know all the things going on even when they are out of range of the camera lens and motion sensor. However, users need to adjust the sound sensitivity settings to avoid alerts from noisy cars, barking dogs, and other random noises.

Chances are your camera also has a speaker and provides two-way audio communication allowing you to talk to and hear anyone outside if your camera has a microphone to detect sound. You can use this feature to deal with annoying inviters, scare away arrogant pirates, and turn down other unwanted guests. Check out our list of the best Video Doorbells for more ways to see and communicate directly with anyone at your doorstep.

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