Ring Camera For Apartments is loved by the majority of users because it has an IP55 waterproof rating

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam
  • Easy to install
  • Completely wireless
  • Motion-triggered recording
  • Loud siren
  • Sharp video quality
  • Works with Alexa and IFTTT
  • Requires subscription to view recorded video
  • No pre-buffering

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam - The Ultimate Device To Keep You Away From All The Hassles

Great feature!

Ring Battery Spotlight Cam is increasingly well received and has grown to an impressively stable level of home security devices. This battery-powered outdoor security camera offers in addition to compatibility with IFTTT and other smart home devices, motion detection with enabled recording, and is completely wireless. Users must subscribe to one of the company's cloud plans to view recorded video, and it doesn't offer pre-buffered recording as other Ring products do. However, the Ring Battery Spotlight Cam is easy to set up, delivers sharp 1080p video, requires no wires,... These factors make the Ring Spotlight Camera Wireless a strong choice for external security cameras.

We've found that Wi-Fi cameras are easier to set up than wired ones because they require no wiring and don't have to be located near an Ethernet port. Battery-powered Wi-Fi cameras can be placed anywhere without having to plug a power cable into the house to plug into an outlet, as long as they can connect to a router. So they are the easiest to install. While these types of cameras typically use rechargeable batteries that are often loved by many because they can be easily popped out and taken indoors to charge with a USB cable, these devices tend to run out of battery quickly in the colder weather.

We think any worthwhile camera should be able to withstand exposure to the elements and must carry an Ingress Protection - IP rating. The IP rating tells the user how well the camera will perform in most weather conditions through the two digits it includes. The first digit following the IP prefix tells the user the camera's resistance to ingress of solid objects such as dust blown by the wind. This number ranges from 0 to 6 with the lowest being no protection and the highest providing total protection against dirt. The second number represents the camera's moisture resistance. It ranges from 0 to 9, the higher the level, the more protected the camera is against close range, high pressure spraying down from all angles and vice versa without protection.

The Ring Battery Spotlight Cam is available in white or black and has a compact size of 4.9 x 2.7 x 2.9 inches (HWD). Ring Camera For Apartments is also loved by the majority of users because it has an IP55 waterproof rating. The Ring Battery Spotlight Cam is designed with a short detachable mounting arm with a ball on the end that can be clipped to the included mounting bracket. Users can mount the bracket on the wall or upside down on a soffit. The Ring Battery Spotlight Cam is equipped with a 160-degree (horizontal) motion sensor at the bottom covering the battery compartment and a settings button at the top of the box.

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Ring Outdoor Wireless Camera is powered by the same quick-release battery pack. The vendor says it includes a mini USB charging port, and rates the Ring Battery Spotlight Cam as having a lifespan of six to twelve months between charges depending on camera and projector operation. This camera can hold two battery packs, and when one battery runs out, it automatically switches to the extra battery.

If you can't make out who or what the camera is looking at, having an outdoor security camera won't help. 1080p video offers more detail, although a camera that records video at 720p will usually provide a fairly sharp image. So the most common resolution for these devices is 1080p. Best Security Cameras doesn't require a lot of storage space and is viewable on most tablets, phones, and PCs. Users will need a very strong network connection to play 4K (Ultra HD) videos without stuttering or lag. This can be costly for cloud storage because we need a lot of space to store recorded video.

You should try to choose a camera with a relatively wide field of view and make sure that the camera can record clear video at night regardless of the resolution. Some cameras use white light to provide full-color night video while the majority of cameras use IR LEDs aka infrared to provide black and white night video. We recommend looking for a camera with at least 30 feet of night vision.

When the activity is in progress, the sensor will initiate a push alert to the user's phone and another will generate an email alert as well. You can refer to a camera with sound detection that can tell the user if someone is out there for an extra layer of security. This helps you to know all the things going on even when they are out of range of the camera lens and motion sensor. However, users need to adjust the sound sensitivity settings to avoid alerts from noisy cars, barking dogs, and other random noises. Chances are your camera also has a speaker and provides two-way audio communication allowing you to talk to and hear anyone outside if your camera has a microphone to detect sound. You can use this feature to deal with annoying inviters, scare away arrogant pirates, and turn down other unwanted guests.

Ring Wireless Outdoor Security Cameras delivers video to users in 1080p and has a 140-degree field of view. To provide night vision up to 30 feet, the Ring Battery Spotlight Cam uses four infrared LEDs. Additionally, the Ring Battery Spotlight Cam comes with a built-in 110dB siren, speaker and microphone for two-way audio, and 802.11n Wi-Fi radio. The sides of the camera include two spotlight strips that provide an overall brightness of 700 lumens with a color temperature of 4,000K, each with four LEDs. We received the package with the camera, a battery pack, a bracket, a screwdriver, drill bit, wall screws and anchors, and a setup guide a few days after ordering.

You need to make sure that your outdoor camera works with other smart devices instead of just recording videos and sending alerts. We encourage you to refer to outdoor Wi-Fi cameras that support IFTTT (If This Then That). It's an internet service that uses small user-generated programs for the camera to interact with other IFTTT-enabled devices. We've tried setting it up to turn on the smart plug, turn on the lights in the house, and activate the siren outside when the camera detects motion. The Ring Security Camera Outdoor uses IFTTT apps like other Ring cameras to work in conjunction with other smart devices in the home. You can set it up to control lighting, thermostats, and garage door openers. One of the best things about this device is that it also supports the Works With Ring program - which allows users to control certified third-party devices from within the Ring app.

Set up and use

Like the Ring Floodlight Cam and all Ring doorbells, the Ring Spotlight Cam Waterproof uses the same Android and iOS mobile apps. We can access it from the PC using the web console. We touched it to access its dashboard screen to turn motion alerts on and off and check battery levels. We hit the Live View button when we wanted to launch a live video stream in landscape mode with buttons to turn spotlights on and off, record and share clips with neighbors, push-to-talk (two-way audio), mute, whistle, and end the stream.

At the bottom of the screen, we see buttons for Event History, Link Ringtones, Motion Settings, Motion Snooze, Device Health, App Alerts, and Shared Users. A list of recorded activities is provided and opens the Event History screen. By pressing the Ring Neighborhoods button, users can tap any event to play a clip and share it with friends and family or with their neighbors. Ring Neighborhoods is a useful feature that is loved by a lot of users because it allows users to share recorded events with neighbors who have downloaded the app and signed up to participate. This feature works based on location data entered during setup and allows users to add comments along with their clips.

Then, to see the signal strength, firmware version, and the current Wi-Fi network we're connected to, we tried using the Device Health button. The associated Bell button allows us to enable motion settings for any Ring devices we may have installed. To adjust the sensitivity with sliders, set motion alerts on/off schedule, and create detection zones, we've set up Motion Settings. Motion Snooze allows the user to temporarily disable the alert. We've tapped the Shared Users button to invite friends and family to watch the video clip. To specify one of the dozens of sounds to play when motion is detected, press the App tones button.