SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Black
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onn. 10.1" Tablet, 32GB Storage, 2GB RAM, Android 11 Go, 2GHz Quad-Core Processor, LCD Display, Dual-band Wi-Fi
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Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus 10.3" Tablet, 32GB Storage, 2GB Memory, 2.3GHz Octa-Core Processor, Android 9 Pie, FHD Display
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We considered SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi with 2 GB of RAM as one of our top picks

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet
  • Minimum bezel
  • Maximum view
  • Premium metallic finish and lightweight design
  • Entertainment-ready
  • Binge-ready battery

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Reviews - Premium Metallic Finish And Lightweight Design

How we experienced

We've discovered that many of the two dozen Android tablets we've tested over the past few years are low-priced models with poor performance and outdated software. We tested any promising new tablet models we found because companies don't release great Android tablets and Google has mostly given up pushing developers to release good tablet apps. We focus on the criteria we use to decide which tablets are worth buying. We used SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet for about a week to test its capabilities and record tablet usage notes for general tasks like browsing the web, checking email, watching movies, and listening to music. Our test team members also play games, take photos, and edit documents stored in Google Drive with Samsung Galaxy Tab A Android Version.

Most people have the opinion that a good tablet must have a high-resolution screen with a wide light range. Sure, no one wants to stare at a gray, low-resolution screen while they binge-watch Netflix and take surveys, watching videos is one of the most common uses for tablets. It can be easy to forget to power up your tablet as you may not carry your tablet everywhere as you would when using your phone. When you finally get back to your tablet the battery is dead. A tablet isn't good enough if its standby time can't be measured in days. For us, it needed eight hours or more to browse the web, stream video, and run apps. The Samsung Tab A Android Version exceeded our performance requirements. It lasted up to 13 hours on a full charge to complete all the tasks we wanted.

As apps grow larger and require more power, every tablet will slow down over a period of two to three years. The performance will also drop as Android adds useful but more demanding features like split-screen multitasking. Therefore, we believe that a good tablet needs to be able to keep up with the increasing requirements of applications and operating systems. It would be nice if the tablet had enough power to play the latest mobile games because the large screen of a tablet also makes gaming better than a phone. We considered SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" 32 GB WiFi with 2 GB of RAM as one of our top picks.

SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0 Inches 32 GB WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet Reviews By TopFreeReviews

Tablets tend to receive software updates less frequently than phones, so it's important that the tablet is running a recent version of Android if you don't want to start at a disadvantage. As we wrote this, we made the point that a tablet running anything older than Android 9 isn't worth buying. We don't like some devices running heavy, confusing interfaces with redundant apps, so we prefer tablets that make the fewest changes to Google's version of Android.

Sometimes you may want to download videos, music, and documents to your tablet even though streaming your media is convenient, such as when you're about to go on a plane ride without Wi-Fi access. To make sure you have the breathing space to do that, a tablet must have at least 32 GB of internal space. The microSD card slot allows you to add more storage space, but not all apps take advantage of the external storage, and certainly, microSD cards are slower than the built-in storage.

Note before buying

While the iPad or Kindle Fire is more popular, SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A Android 9.0 Tablet is still at the top for kids' purposes. You can give your kids individual accounts so that each person can only access the content you've selected for them, as both the Google and Amazon stores have a wide selection of kid-friendly content. A more affordable tablet would turn out to be a good choice for kids as they also have less need for a special performance from their electronics.

You may want to buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" Tablet if you have an older Android tablet that is slow in daily use. Compared to older tablets, newer tablets often have faster processors and increased RAM that makes them much more responsive for gaming and general use. Many people will also prefer a better screen with a higher resolution. In addition, our older tablets in our tests did not receive updates to new versions of Android.

During surveys, we found that most of the test team members didn't need an Android tablet. Apple's iPad offers a better overall package even if they already use Android smartphones. On the other hand, you're probably fine if you mainly use your tablet for web browsing, emailing, streaming, or other light tasks, and you have a recent tablet that might have received an update to Android 9. As usual, you don't need to upgrade if you're happy with what you've got.

You might consider buying a larger phone on your next upgrade as a replacement for your tablet. However, some people who prefer large screens will still buy SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A 8.0" WiFi Android 9.0 Tablet even though an Android phone with a 6.5-inch screen will allow them to do the same things as an 8-inch tablet. The smaller screen will also be usable as a tablet, even more favorably thanks to the better portability of the phone.