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After testing, we found that Total Wireless' call and text messaging performance met the expectations of most of our test team members

Total Wireless Carrier

Total Wireless Carrier
  • Affordable single line and family plans
  • No contracts
  • Flexible plans
  • Stable download speed
  • Good customer service

Total Wireless Near Me Reviews: Access Wireless Networks At Affordable Prices

How we tested

I have inserted the SIM card into a compatible device to experience Total Wireless near me. I got a new phone number and activated my service in about 10 minutes. I can't check the transfer because I didn't switch to Total Wireless. This process usually completes in about two hours although a customer support representative told me it could take two days.

I used an unlocked Moto G6 that currency expert Clark Howard lent me to do my 30-day test. Your phone must be CDMA compatible if you want to get it to Total Wireless, not GSM.

We consulted the Total Wireless website and found a good selection of iPhone and Android devices. You can visit the Total Wireless website for the latest phone deals.

After testing, we found that Total Wireless' call and text messaging performance met the expectations of most of our test team members. We had no dropped calls and no missed messages in the month that we checked with the prepaid carrier. My coworker spent over three hours talking on the phone and sending/receiving over 200 text messages.

Total Wireless Reviews By TopFreeReviews

I always ask my test team members to rate the call quality when they talk to family and friends on the phone. Everyone confirmed that the sound was fine. We didn't have any trouble answering the phone.

My unlocked Moto G6 doesn't let me test this feature even though Total Wireless supports Wi-Fi Calling on some devices. So I tried Advanced 4G LTE Mode for phone talk and data usage at the same time and this is awesome. Advanced 4G LTE mode allows users to look up something on the Internet while using the phone.

I used to think my Total Wireless account data speeds would be slower than those of other providers' customers, but that's not the case. I used a data rate test app to review my biggest concerns with Total Wireless. I kept testing Total Wireless's data rate 15 more times during the 30-day trial. Total Wireless download and upload speeds left me completely satisfied.

Additionally, we also used Total Wireless to stream Hulu with Live TV, access Google Maps, and surf the web in general with absolutely no problems.

We called Total Wireless customer care three times to ask general questions about this review even though we had no reason to contact them. Despite a language barrier, calls were answered quickly and representatives helped us out. In addition, we also started two chat sessions on the Total Wireless website and were impressed with the service of this provider. Both times we contacted the Total Wireless store near me for chat support, the representative correctly answered our questions with great enthusiasm and courtesy.

Many users regularly use Total Wireless's help text line to find answers to their questions. My colleague sent the keyword “USAGE” to 611611 and got a quick response about his data usage.

Should I use Total Wireless's service?

Many people do not want to pay the high prices that the Big 4 wireless service providers charge. So we put Total Wireless as a money-saving option for them to consider. Now, many users consider it to be an even better value-adding “unlimited” plan for data-heavy users.

This can be a cheaper option for both single-line and family plans if you're a customer of the big and established carriers in the past who enjoys the network and wants to keep your phone. Customer service is an area that needs further development based on my research and interaction with Total Wireless.

If you want, consider the best wireless service 2021 reviews to see the phones and devices these carriers provide. They are from famous brands like Samsung, iPhone, LG, Motorola, and more. Some products are on sale, so you can save a lot of money when purchasing phones on these sites with Total Wireless phone deals

Easy registration, flexible payment, speed, and full features are my good impressions of the provider. We think anyone should try Total Wireless because of the benefits it offers. We hope you enjoy our Total Wireless review!